Blue Rise Web Design

A tech agency focused on developing websites for small businesses. Let's get in contact

Owning a website shouldn't be hard

We know how difficult it can be to get a website running [the right way]. Having worked with small businesses for over 5 years, we've seen just how much struggle there was.
Page builders are slow

They come with a lot of unnecessary code that often bloats your website.

Difficult to use

Page builders have a learning curve - and you can spend hours trying to figure out how to use them.

Come with hidden fees

Sites like GoDaddy, Wordpress, Webflow, can often charge you unnecessarily for things you don't need.

Take the simplest route

We offer a way out - instead of page builders, we code our websites 100% by hand. And we take care of the design + copy-writing too.

Our Method

Hassle-free, easy.

No guidance needed
No extra steps
No hidden fees
Light-weight site

DIY Method

WordPress, GoDaddy, Webflow

Limited guidance
Time consuming
Uncertain Pricing
Slow website

Meet the Founder

Think global, support local

I'm Michael. I work all over the U.S, - specifically with locally owned small businesses. I prevent them from losing time and money with mediocre websites - as a part-time student, I know how valuable both are.

$0 Down, $125 A Month

That's our rate. We value long term customer engagements, that's only possible with honesty. We want something that won't break the bank - and we offer custom pricing.
Unlimited Edits

Instead of editing everything yourself, we'll do it faster.


It's included. You get to keep your domain, we just launch your site.


We design your site in a light-weight fashion.


Copywriting is a must-have for an attractive website.

Our Portfolio

Mockup of Felicitous Coffee

Felicitous Coffee

Felicitous is a local coffee and tea shop in Tampa. Serving the community since 2011. They're one of the first clients we've had the pleasure of working with.